Tuesday, March 16, 2010

To get a new Ration Card

Everyone is trying to get a new ration card. Ration Card is the basic document for the purchase of rationed articles under the Targeted Public Distribution System. Though Ration Cards are permitted to be used for drawing rationed articles only, it is widely recognized and used as identity card, for exercise of franchise, obtaining passport, Bank loans, LPG connection, telephone connection, driving license etc. For getting ration card you have to approach supply office, village office and panchayath office.
To get a new ration card you have to submit lot of details

  1. Locate the supply office of your taluk and then buy a form for ration card
  2. If you are included in any card, you have to reduce your name from that card(in your native place). For that you have to approach the respective supply office and submit an application for the reduction of your name from the card and specify the name of the targetted supply office.
  3. If you have no ration card in your native place you have to submit a no ration certificate from that supply office.
  4. If you are not included in the above two categories you have to submit a letter from your Panchayath President or MLA of your native place.
  5. Resident Certificate from Panchayath Office-For that you have to write an application form in white paper with Rs.5/- stamp affixed on the top. In that form you can describe the purpose ie. for getting new ration card. Along with you have to submit the building tax receipt as a proof. They will issue a receipt and inform you the date of issue of the certificate.
  6. After getting the resident certificate you can approach Village office for Income Certificate. There you have to submit resident certificate, letter from the MLA and your income proof. For that you may submit a salary certificate, if you are in the business field you can submit an income tax payment receipt.
  7. To include children in the ration card you have to submit their birth certificate.

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